Care Certificate

Care Certificate and Medication L2 Award – Get your staff trained for free*

  • PERFECT FOR NEW STAFF - A GREAT QUALITY FUNDED OPTION. Over 4 days with us your new recruits cover both the Care Certificate (Knowledge) and the Skills for Care funded, nationally recognised, L2 Level 2 Certificate in Principles of Medication Handling and Administration for Care Settings (RQF)**.
    To continue to train and prepare new workers into the adult social care sector in the shadow of Covid-19, we have devised a new training route combining video conferencing and electronic workbooks.
    Learners will get the same standard of personalised training as ever, but without the need to leave home to go to class.
    All learners will need is access to a Laptop/PC/Tablet, a reasonable understanding of written and spoken English, and the commitment to spend 5-6 hours a day studying with us.
    Your new staff get top quality training - you get certificates and workbook evidence for inspections and quality assurance, covering not just the Care Certificate, but also the L2 Level 2 Certificate in Principles of Medication Handling and Administration for Care Settings (RQF) – a much more in-depth and nationally accredited alternative or supplement to your usual in-house medication training. The funding that the Level 2 Medication Certificate (RQF) attracts, subsidises the Care Certificate training we do with your learners.
    Basically, we do the Medication Certificate for the funding value available from Skills for Care, and the Care Certificate Knowledge Standards for free. If you need help accessing Workforce Development Funding, just let us know and we'll get you started.

For each standard there are elements the learner needs to know (Knowledge), and elements they need to demonstrate practically in the workplace (Competence/Practice). Only once they have completed both the knowledge and the practical elements can a manager sign the staff member off as competent to work unsupervised.

Help with the Competency assessment of new staff against the Care Certificate:

  • Once new workers have finished their training on the Knowledge elements of the Care Certificate, they need to have their competence assessed in the workplace by their employer. Employers can do this however they wish within the Guidance issued by Skills for Care. To help we have a proforma for a holistic assessment we share with our customers to make this as straightforward as possible for them.

Contact us to find out more, and remember that we can ‘mix and match’ elements from the above to meet your particular requirements.

*Please note the 4 days funded training covers all Level 2 Certificate in Understanding the Safe Use of Medicines (RQF), as well as all the Care Certificate Knowledge Standards except Basic Life Support,

**RQF stands for Regulated Qualifications Framework. It is the latest evolution in nationally accredited vocational training and is replaces the more familiar QCF (Qualification Credits Framework).